To all the plants I’ve killed before

I think by now I’m allowed to say I’ve got a green thumb. But even I still lose a plant from time to time. In these last few years, it’s happened to me more than once… whoops! In To all the plants I’ve killed before I’ll show you some of my plant deaths and tell you what went wrong.

kamerplanten die ik vermoord heb - Plantenmeisje

Monstera Deliciosa

Ouch, I think this one hurts the most. This beautiful Monstera only lived for a couple of months at my house. It’s a bit of a strange story, in January 2018 I bought myself a beautiful Monstera Deliciosa. I wasn’t really into plants that much yet then, but this was one I really wanted. I basically just started to get into plants and this was one of the first ones I got. Just after Christmas, I bought it, to fill up the empty space where my Christmas tree once was. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to like its new home. It lost leaf after leaf until it only had a handful of leaves left. And what did I do? I gave up. In July I decided to just get a new one, the one you see in the picture. I put my ‘old’ one in the spare room and just left it to be. My new one did pretty well for a while, but by the time autumn came around, it went south. I tried to propagate it, save what I could save, but it didn’t work. And while my new monstera was dying my ‘old’ one got a new leaf for the first time since I bought it – mind was blown! So the irony of things… my replacement monstera actually died while the one I gave up started to live again. And now I have my ‘old’ monstera back in my room. It’s not the fullest plant, but I’m sure it will look beautiful again when it starts to put out more leaves. So here’s a lesson learned; don’t give up on your plants to easily. That the new one died was probably just karma…

kamerplanten die ik vermoord heb - Plantenmeisje

Scindapsus Pictus

Yes, you read correctly… I managed to kill a Scindapsus Pictus. This is supposed to be one of the easiest plants out there, but I did not manage to keep it alive. Now I do think something was wrong with it from the very beginning. I bought it at the garden centre but I found it in a place it didn’t belong. Like someone was going to buy it, but later decided against it and just dumped it in the store. I think it had some kind of disease. It never did well, no matter what I tried. Eventually, it also got fungus gnats so it was pretty much finished after that. I tried to propagate it, but unsuccessfully. I have bought a new one, so I hope I do keep this one alive.

kamerplanten die ik vermoord heb - Plantenmeisje


I’m not to bummed about this one. This plant is known for the fact it’s quite the drama queen. When I bought it I didn’t know that much about plants and I thought it was a Fittonia, later I found out it was actually a Hypoestes. I will write a post about the differences between the two soon. That aside, the Hypoestes is super dramatic. When she doesn’t get enough water she’ll droop. When that happens it just looks like the plant is dead. When you then water it, it will come back up. The first time this happened I was quite surprised. So this one likes a lot of water. It went pretty well after that first time, I personally think it’s quite handy when a plant shows you so clearly it needs water. But the one time I left her dry for a little too long, she really died.

kamerplanten die ik vermoord heb - Plantenmeisje

Pachyphytum oviferum a.k.a. Moonstone

I couldn’t resist this beautiful succulent when I found it in a supermarket. For a while, it thrived, until Christmas… because of my Christmas decorations I moved it to the spare room. I think it just wasn’t happy in there. Not as much light – it was winter after all – and a cold room. I think that is what killed it. Such a shame, because it was a really special plant. If I ever come across it again I will definitely get it!

Which plant(s) did you kill?

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