Plant care during a heatwave

planten verzorgen tijdens een hittegolf

Summer has really started. Last week it was absurdly hot and I’m guessing we’ll get more weeks like this over the summer. A heatwave affects us people, but it also affects our houseplants. Thus you need to take extra care of your plants, give them a little more TLC – tender loving care. Today I give you a couple of tips to take care of your plants during a heatwave.

Water, water, water

You’re probably drinking more water yourself with these tropical temperatures. Your plants are thirstier too. Don’t overdo it though, too much water is never a good idea! Check your plants a little more often, check the soil or use a moisture meter.

Don’t feed your plants!

It’s best to wait with giving your plants nutrition until the weather cools down a little bit. Your plants get stressed out because of the heat, and they won’t know what to do with the nutrition you give them. Besides, they’ll get plenty of energy because of all the warmth.

No repotting

Normally the summer is a great time for repotting, but not when there’s a heatwave going on. It’s better to wait until it’s a little bit cooler to give your plants a bigger pot. If you do repot, your plants can get stressed out, almost like if you’d repot them in the cold, they don’t like that either.

planten verzorgen tijdens een hittegolf


Because of the heat, the air inside can be very dry. The air can also be a lot dryer if you use airconditioning or a ventilator. Not nice for yourself, but your plants don’t like it either. So try and get that humidity up. Get out your plant mister, put little jugs with water everywhere and use – if you have one – a humidifier. What I also do is shower with the bathroom door open. Nice for me since it won’t get as warm in the bathroom, but also good to make the humidity go up.

Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight isn’t good for any plant during a heatwave. You don’t want your plants to burn. So put the plants that you normally have in direct sunlight in a different, cooler spot.

Just look after your plants a little bit extra and you’ll be fine. You’ll see that one plant might love it and grow extra hard, and another that will struggle because of the heat. Luckily a heatwave never lasts that long!

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