My favourite plants of 2019

Happy New Year! I hope 2020 will be a wonderful year, filled with beautiful plants of course. Last year I was lucky enough to add a lot of stunning plants to my collection. Time to show you my faves!

Fishbone cactus

The first plant I bought in 2019; my fishbone cactus. During the Christmas period of 2018, I lost a couple of plants and so I went to the garden centre in the first week of January for some replacements. They had the fishbone cactus on offer, but I still thought it was kind of expensive so I doubted for a while. Should I, or shouldn’t I?! Eventually I caved in and took one with me. Well, am I glad I did that because I adore this plant. It keeps on growing, even in winter and it’s just a beautiful plant. Last summer I took some cuttings, one for my mum and a couple for a cutting exchange. So thanks to my lovely fishbone cactus I now also have some other lovely cuttings that will turn into full plants one day.!

Monstera Monkey Mask

The plant that I bought at the same time as my fishbone cactus is my Monstera Monkey Mask/ Monstera Adonsonii. I already had a mini one, but I just wanted to get a bigger fuller one because I liked it so much. Don’t regret this purchase any bit. It’s growing really well and it just a stunning plant!

String of Hearts

My third try to keep a String of Hearts alive… This was also one I had my doubts for. I already ‘killed’ two for god’s sake. I – again – caved in and have no regrets. I’ve had it for half a year now and it seems to be happy. Hopefully, she’ll stay happy this time!

Scindapsus Pictus Trebie

I already had a normal Scindapsus Pictus, but this year I also got a Trebie (or Exotica). This one has bigger leaves and more silver; so pretty! Though he’s struggling right now because of the winter I have high hopes it will start growing nicely again in spring.

Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator Tricolor

I’ve had this Maranta on my wishlist for a while. But I couldn’t find it anywhere. I almost traded a cutting with someone, until one sunny afternoon I all of a sudden found one in my local garden centre for 3(!) euros. I mean I couldn’t resist with that price tag! What a cool plant! It’s almost like the leaves are painted on, really special. This plant has gone through a rough time as well, but this week I discovered a new leaf so I hope it will be okay.

Ficus Elastica Ruby

Last, but not least… my beautiful Ficus Elastica Ruby. I bought this plant at my local supermarket for a very nice price (€2,50). I saw it and I just had to take it with me. I am not the biggest fan of buying plants from supermarkets but sometimes you can find a gem. So I always have a look around when I’m there. I definitely got lucky with this one!

What were your faves in 2019?


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