How to propagate a banana plant

hoe stek je een bananenplant

The banana plant, one of the most popular plants at the moment. But not always the easiest one. My first banana plant died on me, but I think I’ve figured out what he likes by now. A while ago I bought a mini banana plant at the garden centre and he’s doing really well. It’s even growing some babies! The question of course; how do you propagate a banana plant?

You can only propagate a banana plant when it is growing babies. So it’s very important to take good care of it. I’ve noticed banana plants are thirstier than most plants and they also like high humidity. Misting is key! They do best in a bright spot, with direct sunlight a couple of hours a day. When you do all of the above, you’ll banana plant will most likely be happy and thus the chance of it growing babies will be higher. Before you know it you will have a whole banana family. It’s better anyways to take off the babies from the mother plant. Otherwise, the plant will put too much energy in the little ones and you’d want to avoid that.

hoe stek je een bananenplant

Make sure your baby has grown a little before you take it off the mother plant, it needs to have a couple of leaves. Is your baby big enough? Then you can get started.

  1. Get your banana plant out of the pot
  2. Carefully remove the soil around the baby, without damaging the roots.
  3. If you can see how the baby is attached to the mother plants you can carefully cut it loose with a clean knife or clean scissors. You could also carefully tear it loose with your hands if you prefer that.
  4. Does your baby have enough roots of its own? You can plant it in its own pot. Not enough roots yet? Put it in water first.
hoe stek je een bananenplant

And that’s it! Easy peasy right?! After propagating it’s important to take good care of your new plant. You want it to start growing more roots. So check if it needs water regularly and mist it often as well.

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