How to propagate a fishbone cactus

Hoe stek je een zaagcactus - Plantenmeisje

If there’s one plant I’m happy with, it is my fishbone cactus – a.k.a. the Epiphyllum Anguliger. I bought one in January, one of my best plant purchases ever. Silly me was actually doubting to buy it in the garden centre but I’m so happy I ended up getting it. It’s just such a special plant and it grows really well. About two months ago, I decided to take a cutting from it. How to do that? I’ll tell you!

There are different ways to propagate a fishbone cactus. I did id through water propagation, just because I prefer water propagation anyways. Usually, I just think that works the best. Now with the fishbone cactus you can also propagate it in soil, but I haven’t tried that yet. Anyhow, it’s very easy to propagate this plant, it just takes quite a bit of patience.

So the first thing you do is cut off a leaf of your plant. Make sure to use clean scissors or a clean knife. Leave the cutting to dry for a couple of hours (if you don’t do this and put it in water straight away it might start to rot) and then put it in a clear jar/bottle filled with water. And that’s basically it. Now the waiting game begins! When your cutting has a decent amount of roots you can put it in soil. Et voila! A new little plant is born. I must admit it took quite a while for it to root. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. But with this plant patience is the keyword. When you’ve potted it up in soil it can also take quite a while for anything to happen. I started seeing a tiny beginning of new growth after I had my cutting in soil for about a month. It really takes a while.

Since it grows so slowly when you propagate. I’d advise taking multiple cuttings so it just looks a bit fuller. I do think that the soil method might give you a fuller plant quicker. Because when you do that, you cut you leaf in pieces and put those in soil. Honestly, it all depends on what you prefer to do. I will definitely try out the other method sometime as well. If I have any updates on my propagation I will share it on my Instagram and I’ll also update this blogpost. Until then it’s all about patience!


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