Inmiddels zo'n 50/60 planten verder mag ik me met recht een plantenmeisje noemen. Mijn naam is Lisanne, ik ben 23 jaar en vertel je op deze blog met liefde alles over plantjes.

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Planteromia — Going English

Last year when I created this blog I decided I was going to do it in Dutch. But these past couple of months it started bugging me. Somehow I feel so much more comfortable blogging in English. That’s probably because…


In conversation with Mandy from plant book Plantastic

When Blossom Books, one of my favourite Dutch publishers (yes, besides plants I also really like books), told me that they were going to publish a plant book, I got excited immediately. This plant book has been out for a…


My 2020 plant wishlist

On Instagram, I keep seeing the hashtag ‘myplantwishlist2020’, where people post a collage of plants they would like to get this year. Fun! But I thought, let’s instead make a blogpost out of it. So I sat down and started…


My favourite plants of 2019

Happy New Year! I hope 2020 will be a wonderful year, filled with beautiful plants of course. Last year I was lucky enough to add a lot of stunning plants to my collection. Time to show you my faves! Fishbone…


How to propagate a fishbone cactus

If there’s one plant I’m happy with, it is my fishbone cactus – a.k.a. the Epiphyllum Anguliger. I bought one in January, one of my best plant purchases ever. Silly me was actually doubting to buy it in the garden…


To all the plants I’ve killed before

I think by now I’m allowed to say I’ve got a green thumb. But even I still lose a plant from time to time. In these last few years, it’s happened to me more than once… whoops! In To all…


Love for Terracotta

Terracotta pots, I love them! Back in the day, you used to see them everywhere. My mum had loads of them in the garden – now they’ve gone through a period of not being that popular, they’re all the rage…


7 easy beginner plants

When I first started with plants, I had no idea what I was doing. I just bought what I liked and I didn’t pay any attention to what these plants actually needed in terms of care. At that time I…


Plant care during a heatwave

Summer has really started. Last week it was absurdly hot and I’m guessing we’ll get more weeks like this over the summer. A heatwave affects us people, but it also affects our houseplants. Thus you need to take extra care…


How to propagate a banana plant

The banana plant, one of the most popular plants at the moment. But not always the easiest one. My first banana plant died on me, but I think I’ve figured out what he likes by now. A while ago I…


Pancake plant vs. Peperomia Raindrop

The pancake plant, who hasn’t heard of it?! Probably one of the most popular plants of the last couple of years. First, it was quite difficult to get your hand on one, now you can basically find it everywhere! It’s…


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