7 easy beginner plants

When I first started with plants, I had no idea what I was doing. I just bought what I liked and I didn’t pay any attention to what these plants actually needed in terms of care. At that time I killed a lot of plants. So when you start out as a new plant parent it is a better idea to get some plants that are easy to take care of. You can always get those beautiful drama queens at a later date. Today I’ll give you 7 easy beginner plants!

makkelijke planten voor beginners - sansevieria


The Sansevieria a.k.a. snake plant is the perfect plant to start out with. This one is almost indestructible, which is why it’s also very popular amongst students. This species has a lot of different varieties. You can put a snake plant in a sunny spot, but also in a darker spot. And water? Well this plant doesn’t need that much and it will be ok when you forget watering once or twice.

makkelijke planten voor beginners - pannenkoekplant

Pilea a.k.a. pancakeplant

The pancakeplant, one of the most trendy plants of the last couple of years. And rightfully so! If there’s one plant that’s easy, it’s this one. The Pilea likes a bit of a brighter spot and a little bit of water each week – maybe a bit more during the summer. You’ll notice when your pancake is thirsty, the leaves will droop. What I also really love about this plant is that it pushes out babies really easily. You can have a Pilea family in no time!

makkelijke planten voor beginners - rubberplant


The rubberplant, Ficus Elastica, is such a classic if you ask me. This plant also likes a brighter spot – the window’s ill is perfect for it. It doesn’t need too much water, but again it does like some more in summer. The rubberplant has different varieties, like the regular green one but also some variegated ones.

makkelijke planten voor beginners - graslelie


I think every plantlover will have a spiderplant at home. It’s such a cute plant that is super easy to take care of. She can be a bit of a dramaqueen, when she doesn’t get enough water she’ll become really floppy. Which I think is quite ideal, because this way you know exactly when to give her water. After a royal watering, her leaves will perk up again in no time! This one is also nice as a hanging plant.

makkelijke planten voor beginners - zz plant

ZZ plant

Another indestructible plant; the ZZ plant. This one does well in a dark spot, but you can also put it in a bright spot. The only way to kill this one is giving it too much water. I only water mine about once a month – sometimes even less. The ideal choice if you want something you don’t have to worry about!

makkelijke planten voor beginners - scindapsus pictus

Scindapsus Pictus

The perfect plant for a dark corner is the Scindapsus Pictus. A beautiful hanging plant, that looks really nice on top of a shelf or closet. If you put this one in a darker spot the foliage might fade a little bit, but it will be ok. With this plant, it’s important to let the soil dry out completely before you water it. Also, the darker the spot you put it in, the less water it needs! I really love the Scindapsus, easy to propagate as well!

makkelijke planten voor beginners - monstera adonsonii

Monstera Adonsonii

One of my personal favourites is the Monstera Adonsonii. This little brother of the Monstera Deliciosa is not only beautiful but also really easy to take care of. It doesn’t need a lot of water, I water it once every two/three weeks. Just check the soil, when it’s still moist you don’t have to water it yet. This one can also be in a darker spot. Ideal!

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